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Denis C. Bernicky

552 Prince Charles
Dorval, Quebec H9P-1Z3
5160 Decarie Blvd Suite 730
Montreal, Quebec H3X-2H9



The secret to getting the job done is finding someone who will make sure it gets done and can find solutions whcih work when problems as they arise. Twelve years of managerial experience in both production/manufacturing and office environments in customer relations and quality control. Solid communications skills backed by strong sense of organization and comprehensive PC technical knowledge.


Personal Computers
Comprehensive A+ technical knowledge of computer hardware and basic LAN's.
Solid background in MS Access 2.0 VB subset and some knowledge of VB language.
Good HTML skills and knowledge of WWW page design and layout.
Strong MIS skills in explaining and teaching the use of new systems or software to others.
Good bookeeping knowledge.
Currently bookeeper for a collectibles company with annual sales approaching four million dollars US
Sound knowledge of transfer account tracking, profit on exchange tracking and wire transfer tracking
Copy Writing.
Have produced all the copy for company catalogues and brochures.
Worked closely with graphic designers, sales staff to create the best possible impression.
Also wrote copy and edited the company newsletter for internal and client distribution.
Second Language
Have a good command of spoken French and fair ability to read French.


Concordia University , Introduction to Visual Basic, 1997

Wave Technologies , A+ Certification Program, 1997

McGill University, Post Graduate English Lit, 1989

Work Experience

Pre'spect Investments Inc: MIS/Systems Admin
July 1996 - Ongoing
First hired to author a company database software in MS Access 2.0 for a multiuser environment.
Was hired on, on a full time basis to design and build the company peer to peer network.
Brought in the whole project underbudget including software, hardware and training of employees.
Continue to service and support network and do most company bookeeping.
Frame In Place: General Manager
April 1985 - June 1995
Handled all decisions as related to product line and advertising.
Responsible for production schedual, inventory , personel and quality control.
Implemented computer stock control and billing as part of a cost control program.
Left the business to pursue interests in computing and programming.
Singer Distribution: Shipper
September 1982 - March 1985
Basically stock picking and shipping of customer orders for a picture frame supply company.
The majority of shipments were sent out on company trucks, others by transport or courrier companies
Left company to gain experience in the field with a retail picture framer.


Lonergan Medal, Presented by Concordia University and Lonergan University College.

Secretary, Board of Directors, Dorval Daycare 1997

Surf#173, Safe Surf Patrol, CyberAngels since 1996

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