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Mission Statement

It is the purpose of this web site to expose to the world, with due diligence, how the Government of the Canadian province of Quebec is trying to eradicate the English language within its territory, under the guise of promoting the French language. It is our objective to make the world aware of the processes, practices and techniques employed by the Government of Quebec in the subversion of individual rights and freedoms. It is by no means our intention to see the use of the French language diminished in Quebec. In fact we wish to aid in its promotion by putting forward alternative ways to encourage its use.

It is therefore our intention to:

  • Expose, to the world, the discriminatory language policies of the government of Quebec.

  • Demand the repeal of all discriminatory legislation concerning language in Quebec.

  • Support businesses and others who are, have been or may in the future fall victim to these policies.

  • Provide alternatives to the governments discriminatory language policies.

    This web site created by concerned citizens.